The Versteel Story

“Before we ever put a pencil to our first design,” says Scott Schwinghammer, President of Versteel and Ditto Sales, “we knew quality and service would be the key to our success.” Versteel benefits from its parent company’s experience in meeting tight specifications and by access to facilities, which allow production economies without any compromise in custom capabilities. Versteel offers clients the capability to produce modified standards and unique design solutions. This has led to some customers saying of Versteel, “If it can be done, they’ll do it.”

Versteel manufactures a comprehensive line of tables, ranging from training tables for education and conference centers, to tables with tilting tops or folding legs for compact storage, to tables that can be linked together in grouped configurations. The Companion chair line was introduced in 1996 to provide a coordinating line of seating. Additional seating series have been added since then to accompany new table series and growing end-user needs.

Versteel is a vertically integrated company that can use its production capabilities or additional sources to meet customer’s needs. Quality is controlled by being privately held with on-site ownership supervision. It is our belief that all of our employees are responsible for the complete control of quality, and that the products created by Versteel are some of the most sought after in the contract table and chair industry.

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