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Boss Design
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Are You Sitting Comfortably

Office chair manufacturers have spent the last 30 years developing task chairs of greater complexity and increased ranges of adjustability in an attempt to provide a better fit for a larger percentage of users. The need for more adjustability is an accepted wisdom that has shaped the market and influences the specifications. It is broadly acknowledged that giving people more sophisticated chairs with a greater number of manual adjustments is improving the ergonomic quality of the workplace and supporting the wellbeing of employees. The result is that corporate clients believe they are doing right by their people; and in theory they are. But what if the practice was not supporting the theory?

0.1 HSW Credit (AIA) (IIDA)

Design with Color & Light -04

This continuing education program demonstrates a variety of techniques through which color can enhance a building and contribute to the well-being of its occupants, as well as the general public. It lays out a number of rule

s and best practices that design professionals should consider when working with architectural color and light. The program incorporates an in-depth exploration of current design trends, historic precedents, color theory, and decorative

architectural glass technology, providing architects and designers an intensive educational


.01 HSW Credit (AIA). (IIDA, write in)

Decorative Architectural Glass for

Aesthetics & Sustainability-18

Explore the vast array of decorative architectural glasses, environmentally-friendly

manufacturing techniques, and applications maximizing energy efficiency, occupant comfort,

and aesthetics. A rich variety of specialty architectural glasses will be studied to demonstrate

their ability to enhance good design and contribute to sustainable interiors.

.01 HSW Credit (AIA). (IIDA, write in)

Windfall Lumber
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Wayfinding for the Built Environment

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of wayfinding including: the value of wayfinding, how people navigate, the key components of an effective wayfinding strategy, the wayfinding design process and the steps required for effective implementation.

  • The increasing importance of wayfinding

  • Defining comprehensive wayfinding

  • The ways in which people navigate space

  • Steps of the navigation process

  • Key wayfinding terms

  • The importance of early planning

  • Designing in intuitive wayfinding

  • Wayfinding tools

  • The wayfinding design process

  • Wayfinding and change.

0.1 HSW Credit (AIA) (IIDA)

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.01 HSW Credit (AIA)