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Explore New Possibilities: HSW: Yes Interiors & Architectural Glass

Generation Z

Psychology of writing things down

Types of upholstery and their environmental impact

Explore the vast array of contemporary decorative architectural glass types, manufacturing techniques, and applications that can help maximize occupant comfort and wellbeing. Develop the criteria to select the optimal decorative specialty glass for your project’s optimal aesthetic and functional performance.

Identify the differences between Generations X, Y, and Z
• Explore the Characteristics, Traits, and Behaviors of Generation Z
• Analyze how Generation Z learns, retains, and comprehends information
• Evaluate how Higher Education Institutions must adapt and conform to the needs of Generation Z
• Discover Design Trends that provide creative, effective learning opportunities for Generation Z

Written language affects everything we do. From learning, to communication, business, and everyday interactions–writing is everywhere. Writing things down is an age-old concept that applies to every industry, but especially interior design. Writing fosters the foundation of collaboration–the most timeless design trend. With modern design, anything can be a writing surface–what should that writing surface be? The desktop? The cubicle walls? Entire walls? The course analyzes written language and explores the psychological benefits of writing in the contexts of to-do lists and collaboration. The content explores writing in academic and professional environments and inspires designers to include writing surfaces in every design. Every presentation slide appears as a video, as though the content is written in livetime. The goal is to impress the power of written language on the audience, provoke thoughtful listening, and engage the audience to encode the information meaningfully.

This course will define sustainability and performance for fabric, discuss applications for corporate, healthcare education and hospitality markets as well as review upholstery types.


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