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The Allyn Rae Group is a leading independent manufacturer’s representative group in the commercial furnishings industry. Serving in the areas of A&D, Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Education & Hospitality with the finest commercial furniture, textiles, and architectural products in the state of Florida.

With over 50 combined years of industry experience in Architecture/Design, Construction, the Allyn Rae Group is dedicated to excellence in customer service and high design.  

Let us help you on your next project.



Maureen Allyn



Formerly- Maureen Popkin

Maureen’s diverse background in design, construction and manufacturing has allowed her many successes throughout her 30 year career in the industry.  Having been a specialist in the area of Healthcare sales, Maureen is able to offer her vast experiences and knowledge with her customers, by providing beneficial products to meet their specific needs. Maureen also has experience working on commercial projects from the ground up. 


(248) 470-9513
South East Coast Florida Coverage


Yvonne bare

Yvonne’s 40-year career began in the construction industry as a woman owned general contractor. After directing numerous construction projects she wanted to explore the commercial interiors industry. For 30 years, Yvonne has represented a variety of prestigious products but always had a passion for architectural products. Yvonne is a respected industry professional and we are proud to have her join the Allyn Rae Group as the Takeform Architectural  Specialist.

(786) 348-9061
South East Coast Coverage Area


diane Pelletier

Throughout Diane's career she has worn many hats as a Sales Administrator, Customer Service and Support, Marketing Manager and Social Guru. Diane's role will be to assist the Allyn|Rae Group with the same wide range of professional services for the team.

(800) 572-3980

With degrees in both Architecture & Business, Jennifer has been in the industry for over 20 years. She started her career as a commercial Architect and transitioned into manufacture sales in 2001. Prior to Allyn Rae Group, Jennifer spent 7 years as a Regional Sales Manager for Veritas and Lumicor and 3 years as a multi line Independent Rep.  Her knowledge and experience as well as dedication to service has enabled her to be a valuable resource to the community.
(727) 415-3959
West Coast Florida Coverage


karen Laabs

Karen has over 20 years’ experience in the commercial furniture industry. Her career began working directly for a major manufacturer providing solutions to multifaceted markets, while consistently building relationships. For the past 15 years, Karen has worked closely with Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, End-users and Dealerships throughout Florida. Her love of the design industry, enthusiasm, and upbeat attitude will not only make her an asset to the company but to the community as well.

(407) 241-9699
Coverage Areas-
        Jacksonville (All Lines)

        Orlando (Architectural Products) 


jennifer stepnowski

Jennifer has over 10 years’ experience in the commercial furniture industry. Her career began working directly for a major manufacturer, as an Account Manager.  Jennifer joined the Allyn | Rae Group in 2018 as Business Development Manager and has been working behind the scenes assisting outside sales.

(800) 572-3980